Merry Christmas!

 Yes, I know it’s Christmas Eve. The holiday being what it usually is, I will have more time to post tomorrow. So for now, I leave you with this: 

Please note the little red bomb on the (c.1892 Wilson&Wheeler) sewing machine.  

That is a magnetic LED flashlight that I gave my husbeast mere minutes before, and already he’s going around sticking it to things. As one does. 

Hope you all have joyous and safe holidays!

5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Elaine,
    Hope you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year! (Can’t believe we have the same tree topper!)

  2. I bought it several years ago (I believe Pier One-Dallas) and love it.

    I also just finished watching “Jerry Needs a Job”. As cute and adorable as your husband is, I came down with a serious case of “quilt envy”!!! Your quilts are gorgeous! And, yes, I did spot the Fiesta! And, congratulations to Jerry!

    Let me assure you, I am not a stalker, just love your blog and your quilts. I also follow Huntspatch. It’s just nice to know that Northern Alabama has such wonderful quilters!

  3. Ours either came from Pier One or Target… I don’t remember. I just love that it lights up. We did cram an entire string of LED lights into it so that it would be more interesting, though. I think it had a single bulb before, and that just wasn’t going to cut it. HA!

    Thanks so much for posting — I’m happy that you’ve found the blog and are taking the time to comment. I guess because of Instagram people have moved away from commenting on blogs, and I realized that it was part of why I had stopped posting. This month I’m posting for me, and I’m finding that I love the process of blogging again. Maybe I’ll even update the look of this thing, which is much overdue now that I have Mad Skillz in Adobe Illustrator.

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