In progress: Circles

A few months ago, I rabbit-holed on the Internet while looking at The Quilting Edge, and found Mari’s Wonky Curves Tutorial.

Naturally, I had to drop absolutely everything that I was in the middle of doing and rob my stash and experiment.

I went a little wonkier than Mari’s samples, but it was so exciting for me to get out some of these ultra-treasured fabrics from my stash and play.

Aren’t they pretty all trimmed up?

I like the interest that the black and white fabrics add and I especially like that the check fabric is slightly uneven. Adds to the whole visual feast, I think.

Some of these are hand-dyes from 2002, and there’s even a fabric in here that I bought in 1996. Yes, I remember exactly when and where I bought it, because it was the first fabric that I stashed. And I’ve used almost all of it up, which kind of makes me sad. It’s the rainbowy fabric in the bottom right corner of this picture. It has metallic detail on it, and it was made by Hoffman Fabrics.

Here’s the assembled top on the fence in natural light, since I was unable to get a decent photo of the colors inside.


I layered it and quilted it very simply with a neutral thread, and now I’m in the process of handquilting it irregularly with perle cotton thread. I don’t draw lines ahead of time, so sometimes there are bumps and corners in my stitching lines, but I’m fine with that. I want this to be very very organic. 


And I’m not a hand-quilter, so my stitches aren’t even. That’s cool, too.


And I don’t care if this takes a very long time to finish. With fabric from 1996 in the quilt, I’m obviously not in a huge hurry, right?

2 thoughts on “In progress: Circles”

  1. Elaine, I have been a fan of Mari (The Quilting Edge) for a long time and love your quilt. You have inspired me to bring out some of my treasured fabrics and put them to use. It is a waste to leave them in my stash. Love your quilts!

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