Q2 Finish-Along Goals

Linking up with Adrianne for the Second Quarter of the 2015 Finish-Along … 

1. Smoke Damage. I’m tired of this one. Really. It’s about 1/4 embellished now. Looks cool, but I’m sick of it.

Smoke Damage Cathedral Windows, 2012
Smoke Damage Cathedral Windows, 2012

 2. His. About half-quilted now. 


3. Peacock. Layered and ready to quilt. 


4. Tessellation Quilt, just to get it off of my list.

Tessellation quilt, unknown start date
Tessellation quilt, unknown start date

5. Underwater scene. Still scared of this but working up the guts to pounce on it.

Storm At Sea Experiment
Storm At Sea Experiment

6. Zebratown. It’s at Mom’s house. I’d have to go get it. And my skill level has improved so much since last time I quilted on it I’m almost scared to look at it.

ZebraTown, 2008
ZebraTown, 2008

7. Hers. I took this down off the wall and put it back in a box so I could use the wall for something else.


8. Placemats using up my leftover fabrics from two quilts… There are 12 placemats and 2 table runners. I have them stored with the correct batting sizes now and some even have backings paired with them. This would be such a quick finish, really. 


9. Black Wholecloth quilt. Very excited about this one and I have no idea where it’s leading me at this point.


10. Mystery Quilt from a a few years ago… It’s ready to layer but I don’t have a backing for it yet.

HQH Mystery 2011
HQH Mystery 2011

11. Grand Illusion. Backing and batting are ready. Just need to layer. 

grand illusion top     

12. Tree. 



13. Log Cabin Star


14. Fibonacci Circles


15. Modern Circle Illusion. I want to finish this one as a miniquilt for my classroom wall.


Ready, Set, GO!!!