Finished: Queen of Fibonacci Squared

Bound and washed and here are the Fence Photos! I just love how it crinkled up — it looks so cozy!

Here’s Queen of Fibonacci Squared next to the original Fibonacci Squared, which I finished almost exactly a year ago. I told Helen, who not 13 yet and already 2.5″ taller than I am, that the following photo demonstrates what I feel like when I stand next to her.


Wanna see it a little closer?


Closer still?


From the other side?


Even closer? Really?


Oh, look. What a surprise.  A nerdy math quilt with nerdy math fabric on the back. Again.


I’m finishing up the pattern and hopefully will have it in my Etsy shop very soon. It’s super simple to put together (and not difficult to figure out), but people have been most interested in the math behind the quilting design, so I have included that.