Finished (my part, anyway): Pattern test for an IG friend

Top Secret! Top Secret! #15 from my Q1 Finish-Along Goals for 2015. This one doesn’t really count as a “finish,” as far as the FAL rules go, but my part of the quilt is done. I shipped it back to the designer so that the quilter who is doing all of the quilts in the book can start on it, so I don’t have anything more to do. As far as I’m concerned? It’s a finish.

I can only show you this much now, and these are only a small part of the finished quilt top (and they’re not assembled like this, either– I was just counting at this point and figuring out which combinations I still needed to make), but I did finish the pattern test and I’m excited for you to see the finished piece! IMG_8802.JPG

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