2014 Q1 FAL (Finish Along) projects

Okiedokie, here goes. I’m going to participate in some internet peer pressure.


These are the projects that I think I can finish this quarter and where they currently stand:

1. Celtic Sherbet Mystery. I will remove the anemic green border, replace with the pink that Friday the Quilt Inspector is pointing to, and layer and quilt it. The pink and backing have been ordered. I need to get batting for it.


2. Scrap Vomit. It has been layered and is ready for quilting. I haven’t decided what color I’m going to quilt with yet but I think I’m going to go with a variegated thread in red, probably. Dunno. I’ll decide when I sit down to do it, I suppose. Quilting will be very simple. The backing is navy blue flannel. Yummy!

3. Entropy. I have a backing made but I don’t currently have enough batting to layer it unless I piece chunks together, which I don’t want to do. So I’ll go get some batting or order some batting soon. Anybody know of a sale on cotton batting?

4. Fibonacci Squared. Layered/basted, marked, ready to quilt. Terrified to start. Need to just DOOOO EEEEET.

5. This one. Why it’s not done yet I do not know.

Scrappy Trip Around the World #2, using Amy Butler's "Love" fabric line

Scrappy Trip Around the World #2, using Amy Butler’s “Love” fabric line


Apparently I will need to get on the quilting machine and off of the piecing machine. Allrightythen.