Woohoo! Happy Birthday to ME!

I’m old enough to run for President now.

I should tell McCain. I’ve directed a few plays and I’ve taught for two years and tutored for 6…. so I have some experience.

7 thoughts on “Woohoo! Happy Birthday to ME!”

  1. Hey! I could be your VP! I led a group of people to put mulch down at the Botanical Gardens for my Eagle Scout project, and after that, led the refurbishing of a UAH sand volleyball court! I have executive experience! 🙂

  2. Awesome! Any Junior Leaguers want to be Secretary of State? You’re used to hobnobbing… How ’bout Secretary of Defense — anyone with experience on a sports team?

  3. Don’t leave me out… I am Room Parent for Mira’s first grade class this year.

    And I used to be Personnel Chairperson for Chi Omega back in college.

    (Perhaps I should just be Head of Homeland Security?)

    Many happy returns, Elaine!

  4. Ooh! I was a Girl Scout and an advisor for Alpha Gam.

    I also worked for a theatre company, so I’m used to dealing with all sorts of, uh, artistic temperaments.

    Most powerful evidence of my qualifications: I participated in a beauty pageant in high school.

    Could I be Secretary of State?

    Happy Birthday E!

  5. Although I left this out on my last Blog post, I should mention that I was in charge of 2 finance committees and am on my 2nd term as head of our Philanthropy committee, and last year, we came in under budget on our financial spending, and raised more money than the last 12 years. I feel I’m qualified for any position. Oh, and as I told you on the phone, you can hobnob better than any Junior Leager… after all, YOU were a DEBUTANTE!

  6. Hope your birthday was a good one…and for what it’s worth, I think that anyone that can run a message board like SS with all of it’s highs and lows would definitely be able to help run the country. =]

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