Usually, I take Aleve before I go to the gym to meet with the trainer, just like I took it before I went to PT. It would just take the edge off of the knee pain so I could push myself a little more.

Today I forgot.

And I had decided to walk to the gym, which is about 1.75 miles from here. About .5 of a mile on the way, I realized that I hadn’t taken the Aleve. Too far to go back and get it and still get to the trainer on time, unless I drove, which I didn’t want to do — I need to be out there walking. So I just kept going.

Yeah, OK, won’t make THAT mistake again. It was obvious to me and the trainer what a difference that makes for me, because I was in tears multiple times — just doing simple stuff like squats or hib abduction exercises. So we did a LOT more abdominals work today than usual, since I was quite limited on the legs.

Walking home wasn’t bad, though. I expected to be in a lot of pain, but I guess since I was stretched out it was fine.

I’m so ready to be back to normal. I wonder if I’ll ever get to see normal again, though, or if I’m always going to have some pain. Which makes me wonder why the hell I did this to myself in the first place.