Top Secret Project

I’ve been working on this for Helen, since she’s obsessed with Ariel. The pattern is by Three Swans Studios and is called “Mermaid Song.” I added a purple bra and made her mammaries a bit less pointy. It’s ready to layer and quilt, and I think I’ll actually have it done in time for her birthday! Jerry thinks we should sneak in and hang it over her bed while she’s sleeping the night before her birthday. Heh.

You can click to enlarge it:
Mermaid Song

The technique is fusible applique, so this isn’t sturdy enough to be used as a utilitarian quilt. It’s destined to be a wall hanging. And that’s OK!

2 thoughts on “Top Secret Project”

  1. You WILL let us see a pic of Helen with her quilt, right?!

    I think J’s idea of just putting it on her bed after she’s gone to sleep is great. How fun for her!

  2. Wall hanging is good. It’s too pretty otherwise!

    I love the idea of hanging it up too.

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