Two Hundred Thousand Nickels

That’s what I need to save.

I went to the AQS (American Quilter’s Society) show in Nashville today, and wandered around from 9am until about 4pm, wide-eyed and inspired by everything there. Absolutely WOW.

As we were about to leave, I went and played on a long-arm quilting machine again. I’ve driven lots of machines at shows (pretty much every time I walk by a vendor, if there’s a machine open I jump on it and try it out. Never asking for help, either — I don’t want a sales pitch; I just want to TRY it). But today I drove a Gammill and OHMYGOSH it was WORLDS different than any other machine I’ve driven before. I can’t really explain it, but wow. Just… wow.

Elaine drives a Gammill

And this wasn’t even the one with the stitch regulator, and it STILL brought joy to my soul. Yummy.

They have “quilts” on the frames for people to play on at these shows, and there wasn’t much space for me to work in left under all the scribbles (it was the end of the show, of course), so I did the best I could…

Elaine wants a Gammill

So. I have no idea where I’d PUT this thing… I suppose we could sleep under it… The woman I was talking to got all excited when she saw me write in cursive backwards (ah, the tricks of the left-handed… I’m accustomed to looking at the world backwards so writing that way isn’t an issue)… “You could make a good living doing this” was what she said to me.

Elaine in Reverse

I guess for the next few years I’ll just covet these things at quilt shows, and maybe one day I’ll figure out where I could PUT it and get one… If you wanna make a donation, feel free to email me. HA! *sigh*….

4 thoughts on “Two Hundred Thousand Nickels”

  1. Ok, you’ve solved one mystery for me…When Mira is writing really quickly, she’ll accidentally write her name backwards. So it IS a left-handed thing? Huh.

  2. Yes — Right handers write from left to right. It flows well that way, because you’re pulling the pencil. Lefties push the pencil, which isn’t as natural a motion. Pulling is easier, so young lefties will frequently write backwards because it’s more natural-feeling. My mother was concerned that I was dyslexic because I constantly wrote backwards as I was learning how to write.

  3. WHOA! Never knew that. The Boy is a lefty, and is constantly doing that. Makes sense when you explain it that way..

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