Helen and Alice on the front porch

Helen started Kindergarten on August 8. I parked the car and Alice and I walked Helen into school.

Holding Hands

There were no tears, though she told me that she “might cry.” When it came time for me and Alice to leave, Helen was completely distracted by her teacher. So far, so good.

Alice asks all day long if it’s time to go get Helen yet. But the wonderful thing? I’m really getting to enjoy Solo-Alice. She’s not as …. industrious.

And Helen has gotten “green lights” in her take home folder every day so far. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Kindergarten”

  1. This brought back so many memories of when my DS6 (then 5 1/2) started Kindergarten and my DS3 (then 2 1/2) kept asking when it was time to go get brother. It was especially bad if we passed the school on the way somewhere. It did get better and the adjustment period this fall has been much quicker. I too enjoyed (and enjoy) the time with just the younger one that I’ve never had before. It’s must nicer and fun to run errands with just one kiddo – no bickering in the store to turn me into the evil mom in public. And yes, they do take on a slightly calmer personality without the sibling around. Almost makes you wonder what they would have been like as the firstborn.

  2. I remember when Toby started 1st grade (up until then, we both atteneded school together at First Methodist) I cried my EYES out. Begging Mom to let me go to school with Toby. He was the one to walk me to my first day of 1st grade at Jones Valley. The hardest part about me going to college in Chicago was the fact I wouldn’t be going to school with Toby. I’m glad you’re having fun alone with Alice.

  3. Yea Helen!

    Leela is virtually suicidal over the fact that preschool for her hasn’t started yet. But I do love the time with her too!

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