Sweet moment

Alice still needs a nap most days, but she never wants to miss anything so she tries very hard not to take them. Weekends are tough because we’re all home together and she REALLY doesn’t want to miss anything.

So today, Jerry took Helen out the door to be his assistant on an errand to PetsMart, and I tried to get Alice to take a nap with me. She squirmed all around on her bed while I nestled in, and finally I asked her to hold my hand.

So there we were, looking across the pillow at each other, probably separated by about 5 inches. And she smiled at me with those sweet brown eyes with impossibly long lashes and I forgave her for all of her transgressions this week.

Once she fell asleep, I laid there for a long time, listening to her breathe, and trying to memorize what her face looked like at exactly that moment.

So precious.

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