New Skill!

I’m taking an online quilting class at Quilt University: Hawaiian Quilting 101. Today was the first class.

After another rough night last night, the girls have taken a very long nap this afternoon, so I’ve managed to do all of this week’s assignment. Here’s my block, basted and ready for lesson 2 (next week):

Hawaii Basted

It’s a pattern of a breadfruit, or Ulu. Hawaiian quilt lore says that those who make Ulu their first quilt will always have abundance. I like that idea. 🙂

Next week we’ll learn how to do needleturn applique to sew the pieces down permanently, a skill I’ve never learned. I’m looking forward to that — a lot of people LOVE applique, and maybe I will. I like the look of Hawaiian quilts, anyway. Not a big fan of the Baltimore Album quilts or frou-frou applique, but the symmetry of Hawaiian quilts appeals to me (oh, shut UP, Jerry). After we applique it down, we’ll learn how to hand-quilt — another skill I have never learned. I’m crippled by technology, I am. Ha!

This is the store that the teacher of my class owns: Pacific Rim Quilt Company. So if I decide that I like this process, I’ll probably get another pattern there. I have a large square of tie-dyed orange fabric that would look spectacular as a Hawaiian quilt center… So we’ll see.

And don’t worry; I’ll keep you apprised of my progress. I know you’re on the edge of your seat.

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  1. Yeah — batiks really are, Stacy. Probably why I love Basic Grey so much! 🙂 And Bohemia, Wild Asparagus, and Magnolia, too.

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