Too much.

I haven’t been able to get my Christmas cards done. My intentions are good, but I cannot get the girls to cooperate for a decent picture. Either Alice is running amok or Helen won’t smile or Helen wants to wear a sundress when it’s 30 degrees outside. Or whatever.

So I’ve delayed and delayed and delayed, and they just haven’t gotten done.

And then with the stomach bug that we had for the first two weeks of December, that thwarted my efforts even more. I certainly didn’t want to take my kids’ pictures while they had dark circles under their eyes and quite obviously didn’t feel well.

And another project I’ve been trying to get done has been thwarted as well… More on that in about a week — I can’t tell you yet because it would ruin someone’s Christmas surprise. Let’s just say that I’m likely to be pulling an all-nighter sometime in the next few days. Ugh.

According to Helen

I love this kid.

This morning, she had two jewels:

“Mommy, ten hundreds is a thousand!”
I gawked, because what. a. genius. my four-year-old must be! “Really?”
“Yeah! One hundred one, one hundred two, one hundred three, one hundred four, one hundred five, one hundred six, one hundred seven, one hundred eight, one hundred nine, one hundred ten, and that’s a thousand!”
“Oh.” I considered trying to explain, but gave up. I did say that you could keep counting after 110 and go next to “one hundred eleven” and that kept her attention until she got to 129. She can’t ever remember the word for “thirty.”

And the other one:
“Why is our Christmas tree a girl?”
“How do you know it’s a girl?”
“It’s wearing a skirt!”

Ode to Stacy

O my friend Stacy
whose life can be cracy (humor me, people)
How I miss you, it’s true.
But please, O please don’t fear the worst…
I’m on the edge of a creative burst
And I wanted to share it with you.


(Holiday time is stinky because all my friends disappear for a while. I hate that.)

Fill in the Blank:

1. My current favorite song is: “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” by Lee Ann Womack and Harry Connick, Jr.

2. The last book I read was: Stacy Julian’s The Big Picture

3. The last book I bought was: Stacy Julian’s The Big Picture

4. The last cd I bought was: “The Season for Romance” by Lee Ann Womack

5. Another CD I wanted but didn’t buy is: Whatever Amazon told me…. “people who bought this also bought….”

6. Right now, I’m wearing: A very big Life Is Good sleepshirt that my sweetie brought back for me from Zion National Park in 2004.

7. The last gift I bought was: a dress for Alice, who needs wintertime dresses.

8. The last time I laughed heartily and loudly: at Jerry’s company Christmas party this weekend.

9. My favorite holiday ornament is: Hmm. I love many of them for different reasons.

10. My house smells like: Right now? Disinfectant.

11. The first thing on my to-do list tomorrow is:

12. If I could sit on Santa’s lap and believe that he’d bring me whatever toy I wished for, I’d ask for: a fantastic organized sewing/scrapbooking room like the ones in the book Mom gave me for Christmas last year.

13. If I could holiday shop in ONE store, all expenses paid, I’d shop at:

14. If an angel alighted on my doorstep today and said, “I’m here to grant a Christmas wish,” I’d wish for: a cleaning lady

15. When I see a bell ringer while out shopping, I: give them loose change if I have it, walk on by if I don’t.