Too much.

I haven’t been able to get my Christmas cards done. My intentions are good, but I cannot get the girls to cooperate for a decent picture. Either Alice is running amok or Helen won’t smile or Helen wants to wear a sundress when it’s 30 degrees outside. Or whatever.

So I’ve delayed and delayed and delayed, and they just haven’t gotten done.

And then with the stomach bug that we had for the first two weeks of December, that thwarted my efforts even more. I certainly didn’t want to take my kids’ pictures while they had dark circles under their eyes and quite obviously didn’t feel well.

And another project I’ve been trying to get done has been thwarted as well… More on that in about a week — I can’t tell you yet because it would ruin someone’s Christmas surprise. Let’s just say that I’m likely to be pulling an all-nighter sometime in the next few days. Ugh.