Today’s Tutoring Schedule

8:45am: Algebra II up at school
9;45am: Algebra I back at home
10:45am: brisk 3-mile walk with Mom, chatting about how to get Helen to eat
12:00pm: Lunch
12:25pm: Calculus up at school
1:20pm: Algebra I back at home
2:35pm: Pre-Calculus up at school
3:30pm: Pre-Calculus back at home
4:15pm: Algebra I
5:00pm: made dinner for hungry family, which girls did not eat
6:00pm: mental break surfing the net for a few peaceful moments
6:30pm: bonded with family watching Power Rangers: Mystic Force finale
7:30pm: Geometry
8:15pm: Algebra II

My brain hurts.

Wednesday’s not looking much better, though I’ll be DONE at 5pm, which is a bonus. Thursday’s nuts like Mondays.

Currently I have 26 timeslots filled on my weekly schedule. I’m liking the income, but not the rigid structure.

3 thoughts on “Today’s Tutoring Schedule”

  1. Ideas for next semester:

    work with kids at school or at home, but not both

    work with homeschoolers or school kids, but not both

    cut down # of slots

    cut out night sessions

    raise prices to make up the difference 🙂

  2. On eating…we bought a huge thing of cookie cutters, and Emma can pick the “shape” of her food: Sandwich, eggs, whatever. That’s worked for her. Also, if they’ll eat pasta, you can boil veggies first (you know when you boil veggies all the good stuff leaves the veggitables and goes into the water) then strain, and save the water, boil pasta in the water (or rice)…that way they get the nutrients. Do they like Chocolate milk? Perhaps a Carnation Instant Breakfast? Also, if Emma helps “make the food” she’ll eat it. AND if she won’t eat “dinner/lunch” food, pancakes/French toast, etc., usually works. Good luck!

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