Today’s Tutoring Schedule

8:45am: Algebra II up at school
9;45am: Algebra I back at home
10:45am: brisk 3-mile walk with Mom, chatting about how to get Helen to eat
12:00pm: Lunch
12:25pm: Calculus up at school
1:20pm: Algebra I back at home
2:35pm: Pre-Calculus up at school
3:30pm: Pre-Calculus back at home
4:15pm: Algebra I
5:00pm: made dinner for hungry family, which girls did not eat
6:00pm: mental break surfing the net for a few peaceful moments
6:30pm: bonded with family watching Power Rangers: Mystic Force finale
7:30pm: Geometry
8:15pm: Algebra II

My brain hurts.

Wednesday’s not looking much better, though I’ll be DONE at 5pm, which is a bonus. Thursday’s nuts like Mondays.

Currently I have 26 timeslots filled on my weekly schedule. I’m liking the income, but not the rigid structure.