Helen loves to sing.

And slightly off-key. And melodylessly. And LOUD.

So today, she sang that she wanted an apple– natch. “IIIIIIIIII want annnnnnn aaaaaaaaaappllllllllle!”

So I replied in kind, but in full operatic tremolo: “Yesss, I will CUTTTT you an apple NOWWWWWW, my deeeeeeear!”

No surprise or response from Helen, other than her recitative: “Thaaaaaank you, Mommmmy, I will beeeeee overrrrrr heeeeeeeeere at the taaaaaaaable.”

OK, not as funny when you can’t hear it, but we sang back and forth for a good ten minutes.

Maybe THIS is where the idea of bursting into song randomly a la the Broadway Musical came from. Rodgers and Hammerstein must have lived with a musical four-year-old.

Alice, oblivious, just chased the cats around.