Jerry spoiled me today. Granted, he had a Red Bull, when sent his energy level THROUGH. THE. ROOF.

But he treated me like a queen — kicked me out of the kitchen so he could clean it…. Sent me on errands and had our entire bedroom cleaned up and the bed changed when I got back (with help from the girls). Cleaned downstairs, did laundry, etc. And then he sent me off to meet an imaginary friend from the internet (HI, BETH!), and then when I came home he kicked me out again so I could go shopping by myself. I wasn’t really in the MOOD to go shopping, but I rose to the occasion.

I bought a purse. And then some other little unmentionables. 😉

I like being spoiled rotten. My Jerry is a sweeeeeetie.


Jerry drank a Red Bull this morning.


He’s a total spaz. Talking REALLY fast, and super-extra-high energy…. like….. me on a normal day. 🙂

I told him that if that’s what I’m like all the time, I’m surprised he hasn’t killed me yet. He’s driving me b.a.n.a.n.a.s.

But the house is getting clean, the laundry is getting done, and he cleaned out my car (!). So I’m not complaining TOO much.