To the nasty woman at O’Charley’s

Perhaps, just perhaps, if you dislike toddlers and young children so very much, it would be prudent if you and your obese child went to a restaurant that did not have a “Kids Eat Free” offer. Just a thought.

And another tip: your adolescent daughter wouldn’t BE obese if you didn’t provide the means and the lifestyle for her to have gotten that way in the first place. Yes, O Perfect Mother, I blame YOU.

One thought on “To the nasty woman at O’Charley’s”

  1. I had the SAME experience at Chilis on Monday night. The booth next to us was bitching to the folks at the booth next to them about this baby crying. They glared everytime Emma started to sing and when Theo started blowing rasberries and doign the blahder blahder with his tongue, forget about it. Yeah, go to a restaurant where they don’t have high chairs, a seperate children’s menu and crayons. Or where the staff wears jeans and a polo shirt. If you want peace and quiet, stay home and order in!

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