More shrinkage

Also a clothing size I haven’t seen since high school: I am now wearing a freakin’ A-cup. It’s…. a training bra. I remember when I finally got to wear a 32B — seventh grade. But apparently my little vampire children sucked that extra cup size right outta me. Literally.


Then again, my clothes look a little better, because my bra’s not all gappy. But Jerry just asked me what grade I got on my social studies quiz and if I’m going to study hall later. What a jerk. 😀

5 thoughts on “More shrinkage”

  1. A cups UNITE!

    I have finally figured out that there are plenty of very unhappy looking large breasts out there… And lots of very attractive small breasts, too! Some chick was walking through our neighborhood topless last night (yes really), and shouldn’t have been.

    I personally prefer my “shrinkage” to her “swingage”!!

  2. Perhaps you should tell Jerry if he doesn’t like them, he doesn’t have to play with them.

  3. There was about a six month period when I was a B cup. ..Why, oh why didn’t I appreciate it more at the time?

  4. Topless in downtown Huntsville, Steph? Wow. We’re all cosmopolitan or something. LOL!

    Oh, well, Anjali… The Glory Days, right? I just hope that the progression doesn’t continue, or I’m going to be concave before too much longer.


  5. Tell him you HAD a plaid skirt and white blouse just WAITING for the right occasion… but not with THAT attitude….

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