My Seinfeld Moment of the Day

You know how on Seinfeld, they always met up with people who were unreasonably rigid about stuff, or did things like spit on the floor inside the bus, or who couldn’t “spare a square” in the bathroom when Elaine, in the neighboring stall, found herself without toilet paper?

Well, today I had one of those experiences.

A man, standing in my dining room (he was picking up a student after tutoring), turned away from me to rub his nose. As he turned back, I noticed a small glob of snot on the back of his right hand. Then he did the unimaginable.

He reached out, with his right hand, and pinched his fingers on the edge of the quilt hanging on the wall in there.

The glob remained on the back of his hand, but WTF?!

I’ll be washing that quilt tonight, to get whatever oogies he wiped on it washed down the drain.

And it’s not like this guy is a social paralytic, either — he KNOWS what is appropriate because he plays the freaking social game constantly. But to wipe snot on an art quilt in someone’s house? Who DOES that?!


4 thoughts on “My Seinfeld Moment of the Day”

  1. Ewwwww! I’d be washing it too. I think I would have said something too – just out of horror – Like “What on earth are you DOING!”

  2. That is nasty! I once found a handtowel in my guest bath after a party and some had wiped their butt on it. EEEOOOOOOO!

  3. WTF?! Was he 3? Actually, I don’t think Emma would even do that. Did your mouth just fall agape? Yuck, yuck, yuck. Okay, and Sweetie – someone WIPED THEIR BUTT ON YOUR HAND TOWEL? OH.MY.GOD! I’m sure that one went in the trash.

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