Houston, We Have Contact

In spite of Alice’s nasty ear infection (which, turns out, is two-for-one in the same ear, poor thing — she has an inner ear infection and an infection on the outside of her eardrum as well), I decided to go ahead with the potty training efforts this week.

Yesterday was messy. I started her out in thin panties — Care Bears, Dora, Nemo, flowers, whatever. She went through many pairs of panties. Finally took the panties off. Cleaned up several accidents, in spite of taking her to the potty every 20 minutes all day. She’ll do it when she damn well wants to, thanks.

Today was messy, but not AS messy. Probably went through 5 pairs of panties today.

But tonight? Tonight was a beautiful thing. The girls and I were watching Disney’s Tarzan (well, THEY were — I was knitting and chatting on the phone with my mom), and out of the corner of my eye I saw Alice toddle off to the bathroom and start pulling down her pants. I practically hung up on my mother and Helen and I both ran into the bathroom and the three of us clapped and cheered our way through Alice’s FIRST non-suggested trip to the potty!!!!

I remember from last time around that it just takes patience and determination. And carpet cleaner. And that FINALLY, the kid will get it (if they’re ready). I know that Alice will still probably go through a half-dozen pairs of panties tomorrow, but at least I know that the process IS being learned.

Praise God and Hallelujah. Even though I know we’re going to be starting the Potty Tour of North America again (we went to the potty in the doctor’s waiting room three times this afternoon — turns out she just wanted to wash her hands, though), it’ll SO be worth it to have the girls both out of diapers. Yay. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Houston, We Have Contact”

  1. And maybe some day, you’ll be able to go to the mall without packing enough equipment for an African safari. Talk about freedom… Wait until you can just get in the car and go somewhere.

  2. Woo Hoo!! Go Alice! Emma, FINALLY, is on day 7 of “no pullups on when we go out”. Public toilets….the ones that self flush…not good for potty training. and tell me, WHY do all the portable potty covers have the handles at the front?! Don’t all children hold on to the sides of the toilet? Success for us: Emma peed in a cup at her 3 year old appointment! Not looking forward to potty training a boy….

  3. Awesome news, Elaine. Leela, on her own, takes her diaper off and goes to sit on the potty 5-10 times a day. She’s only peed a couple of times, though. I’m going to start officially potty training her when Brian’s finished with the Boards next month. I just have no desire to start now!

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