In the car, we’ve been listening to the soundtrack from the revival of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.” I have found that show tunes are a good thing to listen to in the car, because Jerry can’t stand them, and Helen and Alice like them. Most of the time, it’s just us girls in the car together, so everybody wins!

Anyway… Helen’s favorite song is “My New Philosophy,” a duet between Sally Brown (Charlie Brown’s little sister) and Shroeder, where she’s discussing her new philosophies on life. The buildup to the song is a little dialogue between Sally and Shroeder:

Sally: “Oh, yeah? That’s what YOU think.”
Shroeder: “What?!”
Sally: “That’s my new philosophy. ‘Oh, yeah? That’s what YOU think.'”
Shroeder: “Why are you telling me?”
Sally: “What?”
Shroeder: “WHY are you telling ME?”
Sally: (imitating Shroeder) “WHY are you telling ME? [pause] I LIKE IT!

Helen and I take turns playing/singing the parts of Sally and Shroeder, and we were going along like this on the way out to Madison to drop the girls off for their Tuesday playdate with Jerry’s mom….

Mommy: “WHY are you telling ME?”
Helen: “WHY are you telling ME?”
Alice: I YIKE IT!!

Helen and I completely cracked up, because Alice’s timing was flawless and completely overlapped the girl on the CD.

And now I know where she’s gotten that saying, because she says it all the time — if she likes her outfit, her food, her juice, being outside. If she likes it, she tells me.

“Mommy, I yike it. I yike it, Mommy.”


Finally. The children woke up hungry. It’s about TIME.

Helen came upstairs at 7:07 and was VERY. GRUMPY. Huuuuuuuge frowny face. The one I make when I’m admonishing her for pushing her little sister.

I had just gotten out of the shower and was standing there partially-dressed. She pointed at the door to our bedroom. “I want FOOD. Go NOW.” Frowny face continued.

“Let me get dressed, Helen.”

Helen hasn’t really eaten much of anything since last Wednesday. Six days ago. Pieces of toast here and there, a few crackers, maybe two small pieces of chicken. Yesterday she had about a tablespoon of corn. Her ribs are clearly visible now. I’d worry, except that Helen always gets the stomach bug first, has it the longest, and gets her appetite back last. She’ll eat like crazy for the rest of the week, if history repeats itself.

Alice, who had another “incident” as recent as last night, also woke up STARVING. She had a *meltdown* first thing when I told her that juice wasn’t a good idea because it will just upset her tummy. They are so very tired of Gatorade. So I gave her watered-down apple juice. She drank about 12 ounces immediately, and spit up a little bit of it — I think her tummy was shocked to have that volume in it after such a long respite. She’s held the rest down down for over an hour now, so that’s good.

They both had a baggie full of reduced-sugar Fruit Loops, and seem to have improved demeanors now…. Poor little kids have had a rough week. I’m glad that maybe they’ll actually eat now. 🙂