This morning, Helen informed me that she is allergic to walruses (invisible ones in particular) and dragons.

Apparently, an invisible walrus infiltrated our security collies last night, and made it into Helen’s room. She was out of bed and pounding on our bedroom door at midnight.

I got up and got the cool mist humidifier, and told her it was a special machine to keep all the scary dreams away. She was satisfied with that, I think.

Today she kept telling people that she had “a fire” in her room to keep the bad dreams away. She left out the first three syllables of that word, of course, which TOTALLY changes the meaning…



3 thoughts on “Allergies”

  1. Can’t fault that logic….as long as the “fire” doesn’t spread all should be good 🙂 Gotta love her vivid imagination though

  2. We’ve been using the “mister” in the hallway to help Brendon stop coughing. It has to be in the hallway so Aaron doesn’t touch it. Julia tells me every night “I don’t like that noise.” I can’t imagine that it really helps since barely any mist gets in the boys’ room, but they seem satisfied that it helps.

  3. Yeah — I have to hide the humidifiers in the morning so that Alice doesn’t take them apart. I found Helen’s in pieces in her room yesterday afternoon because I had forgotten to hide it from Alice.

    Future engineer, that one.

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