Yesterday, Jerry and I took the girls on a walk of the neighborhood. The girls had cabin fever and were driving us Up. The. Wall., so it was good to get out.

As always happens when Jerry and I have a chance to talk without constant interruptions, we spent a good hour dreaming together. Dreaming of what to do with our house, in particular… Looking at other houses for ideas, looking at how those ideas could be integrated into improving our house. Talking about what rooms would be used for if we were to add on again. And how. And when.

I love dreaming. Most of the time, our dreams don’t come to fruition — we had big plans to add on to the last house and never did it, for example, but we spent lots of time drawing, dreaming, and even having contractors come look around. Even so, some of my fondest memories of that house were all of the plans we had — all the things we dreamed of doing.

This weekend, he and I will go on a 4-day honeymoon, just the two of us. And I suspect that we will spend a lot of time talking, and dreaming, and remembering why we love being together. I cannot wait to have four days of dreams with the man I love, in such a fun place. 🙂

Turkish Delight

When I was little, the Episcopal Church of the Nativity had a vacation Bible school that centered around “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” I was probably under six, but I don’t really know how old I really was. I could probably find it in one of my mom’s photo albums from then, but I don’t know.

Anyway, there was much discussion about what Turkish Delight actually was. On the last day of the VBS, we were all supposed to bring our particular Turkish Delight.

Most kids brought M&Ms or Oreos or Pixie Stix or something equally pedestrian.

Always the overachiever, I had my mom whip up (literally) a batch of chocolate chip meringues. No joke. My mother is/was a very patient woman, obviously. Not that meringues are difficult to make, but she doesn’t like to bake and I made her do it, rather than letting her take the easy way out and just go to Kroger like everyone else.

Plain meringues? Not so much. But the ones with little mini chocolate chips in them? Heavenly. I’ll eat them until I start to feel bad. Kind of like the relationship I have with strawberries.

What’s your Turkish Delight?

2006 Resolutions

Hmmmmm…. My New Year’s Resolutions:

Personal Improvement
1. Make serious headway on the Clutter front (this will be ongoing, I’m sure)
2. Not be wearing tight jeans in December

Projects to finish this year
1. the damned Green Albatross (this is a resolution for the third year in a row now… it’s ready to quilt)
2. the giraffe (embellishing)
3. placemats for PVBL&M that I started last year
4. covering the downstairs sofa (started)
5. covering the lion chair (fabric has been purchased)
6. cornice in living room (fabric and wood have been purchased)
7. Mexican star quilt (ready to layer)
8. Stockings and treeskirt (stockings are almost done, since they were actually used this year)
9. Tapas quilt (in process of quilting)
10. Bargello (in process of quilting)
11. Fuzzy quilt that makes Ronda blink (binding remains only)
12. Felted vest (it’s to the felting part, and I’m skeert)
13. Halloween quilt (ready to layer)

Unstarted projects that will be started this year
1. Linus photo quilt (needs to be finished by September 2007)
2. Alice’s bedquilt (needs to be finished by this fall, probably, when Alice moves out of the crib)

There are more, I’m sure…

Happy New Year and an Apology

First, Happy New Year to everyone.

Second, I would like to formally apologize to Bryan and Sarah and Ronda for spraying them with Chardonnay earlier this evening, but it’s Bryan’s fault for making that face. I don’t even remember the context, but oh, my goodness, I TRIED to hold it in but I just couldn’t. So sorry.

Third, as Helen will be up and bothering me in probably less than 6 hours, I am going to bed.