2006 Resolutions

Hmmmmm…. My New Year’s Resolutions:

Personal Improvement
1. Make serious headway on the Clutter front (this will be ongoing, I’m sure)
2. Not be wearing tight jeans in December

Projects to finish this year
1. the damned Green Albatross (this is a resolution for the third year in a row now… it’s ready to quilt)
2. the giraffe (embellishing)
3. placemats for PVBL&M that I started last year
4. covering the downstairs sofa (started)
5. covering the lion chair (fabric has been purchased)
6. cornice in living room (fabric and wood have been purchased)
7. Mexican star quilt (ready to layer)
8. Stockings and treeskirt (stockings are almost done, since they were actually used this year)
9. Tapas quilt (in process of quilting)
10. Bargello (in process of quilting)
11. Fuzzy quilt that makes Ronda blink (binding remains only)
12. Felted vest (it’s to the felting part, and I’m skeert)
13. Halloween quilt (ready to layer)

Unstarted projects that will be started this year
1. Linus photo quilt (needs to be finished by September 2007)
2. Alice’s bedquilt (needs to be finished by this fall, probably, when Alice moves out of the crib)

There are more, I’m sure…

10 thoughts on “2006 Resolutions”

  1. I disagree with your second item. I see no problem with you wearing tight jeans. Oh sure, you can lose some weight if you’d like, but that’s an entirely separate issue.

  2. Clarification: tight jeans should only be worn ON PURPOSE. Not because I only own jeans that have gotten tight, which is entirely different.

  3. Good clarification. I was going to object strenuously to the not wearing tight jeans. you just want your tight jeans to be a smaller size. you still want to wear them.

  4. *I* don’t want to wear tight jeans. Whether or not the man (hunkahunkaburninluv) I live with wants me to wear them really isn’t relevant to my particular resolution. Let’s just say I’d like to comfortably fit into the size jeans I currently own.

    Which I guess means that I’d like my “tight” jeans to be a smaller size.

  5. I’m totally with you on your resolutions, but wow – that’s a LOT of unfinished projects, plus some more that you haven’t even started yet?!!! That seems like a lot hanging over your head! Though I’m about to update my blog, stealing your format of listing resolutions and unfinished projects, and I’m probably going to create an equally long list, so I guess I’ll be quiet now. 🙂

  6. Well, yeah. I’m not one of those people that finishes a project in order to start a new one — I’d NEVER get anything done that way. I have a bunch of projects in various stages of completion, so that I have a variety of things to work on.

    Occasionally I’ll go on a finishing frenzy and finish a whole bunch of quilts in rapid succession — 2nd trimester with Alice I finished five quilts (!!), for example. And the momentum gained from finishing one is what I need to finish the next one, etc.

    I actually have enough of a backlog that I feel a finishing frenzy coming on. I haven’t had one since the aforementioned finishing frenzy. I’ve finished a few quilts, sure (3? 4?), but not 5 in 3 months like I did then. That was awesome. 🙂

  7. Tapas Quilt?

    Tapas….isn’t that Spanish for “little meal” or something like that.

    We went to a Tapas party and had oodles of appetizer type stuff……

    Is this an edible quilt?

  8. Yeah, Nancy — it’s stripey fabrics with thin strips of fabric from old projects in there. So it’s fun for me to look at: “That’s from the first outfit I made for Helen, that’s from the first quilt I made, that’s from the red/white/blue quilt, etc.”

    Here it is in process, without the borders on it (it looks a LOT better with the borders): http://photos.imageevent.com/logicprevailed/randomphotos/websize/tapas.jpeg

    I quilted it for an hour and a half this afternoon while the girls were napping. Barely made a dent in the damn thing (it’ll be about twin-sized when finished and bound), but it’s looking really cool. This will probably be the next one I finish.

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