The same man has been cutting my hair since I was between 2nd and 3rd grades. I really like the cuts I get most of the time, he does a beautiful job with up-dos when I’ve needed those (proms, debutante ball, and wedding).

But usually when he styles my hair just for the everyday, I want to come home and redo it.

Today is no exception. Now that I have a little more time for vanity since Alice isn’t nursing anymore, I’m going to let it grow back out some. In the meantime, however, I have to have haircuts regularly to keep the ends neat so I don’t look shaggy and gross. And so it looks *styled* instead of “oh, look, Elaine’s growing her hair out, doesn’t it look crappy?”

Today I feel like I need to put on a warm-up suit, some Adidas sneakers, put a whistle around my neck, and start yelling at a volleyball team.

Not. Feminine. At. All.

Looking forward to styling it myself tomorrow morning.