My sexy husband and I moved two large and cumbersome pieces of furniture (no, not the piano) today, so that I can have access to another wall to paint tonight. Yippee yahoo!!

Then Helen supervised while I used putty to fill up a construction hole over the French doors, as well as nail holes and three cracks in the door moulding. Once that’s dry, I should be ready to do the first coat! Whee!

Goal: first coat tonight, and second coat in the morning before my first tutoring student arrives.

Why the rush, you ask? Disruption of the house for as short a time as possible is better for Jerry’s happiness. He always likes the finished product, but STRONGLY dislikes the painting process because everything is a wreck for a while. So I’m trying to do this as efficiently as I can.

That, and Emily the cat rips holes in her forehead and neck from her OCD scratching anytime I move furniture or make big changes in the house. At least Jerry’s just grumpy and not self-mutilating.

3 thoughts on “Heavy”

  1. Sarah and Jerry have that in common. Bryan knows that if he wants to rearrange the furniture, that’s FINE, but everything has to be IN ITS PLACE before Sarah comes home, or she breaks out in hives.

    A bit OCD, I think.

  2. We have a cat that rips out her own fur. They prescribed some cat version of prozac for $50/month. Ain’t happening. We just let her rip her fur out. She doesn’t really seem to mind being bald.

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