Fabric and Thread Crackhouse

I just ran out of white thread. WHO RUNS OUT OF WHITE THREAD?!

Me, apparently.


I was just IN there today. I don’t want to go BACK in there. It’s DANGEROUS in there. She has things I want in there.


Luckily, my surgeon’s office is a mere block from the Fabric and Thread Crackhouse. And, conveeeeeniently, I have an appointment with the surgeon at 10:45.


4 thoughts on “Fabric and Thread Crackhouse”

  1. I run out of white thread all the time. And then I find it in weird places. It seems to have feet. It likes to hide under the couch and under the buffet and behind the computer.

    Silly thread.

  2. I never run out of white thread. Oh, yeah, I forgot, I never sew.
    Your posts sound so much happier, Elaine. I’m so glad that your pain has gone down some, and you’re “sounding” like your old self.

  3. I know I’ve seen a big improvement in Elaine’s mood in the last week or 10 days. And I think you guys are seeing it here too. Hooray!

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