Houston, We Have Contact!

In the past week, major strides have been made in Alice’s verbal abilities. She’s a more physical child than Helen was at this age, climbing like a monkey to the highest point available and getting annoyed when her pants aren’t stretchy enough for her to hoist her leg up over her head to the next step.

But she’s not much of a talker. Well, that’s not true. She jabbers nonstop, but it’s just gibberish.

BUT. This weekend, while we were camping, she started making the “more” sign and the “please” sign with regularity, and I think something clicked.

Today, I mentioned sheep (we were looking at the “Old MacDonald” book again, but since I have laryngitis I can’t sing it. So I was just identifying the animals on the pages instead), and she said, “Baa baa baa baa baa.” And she suddenly knows where her tummy is (we’ve been working on this for months), and I think today she actually may have pointed to her nose… And she’s finally playing peek-a-boo when we ask, “Where’s Alice?”

And the excitement in her face because she understands is wonderful to behold.

She turned the book over to the back, and started pointing to the animals — in that jabby little point that little kids do. So I asked her where the cat was. She pointed to it, and said, “KEE-cat!”

And I almost called the news stations. WOOWOO! We’ve got another smart one!

I love my little girls.

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