Haven’t posted yet! Gotta do it quick!

Happy Birthday to ME! And Sarah! And Megan!

It was a wonderful day — Jerry let me sleep until TEN, and then we went to the quilt shop and I went a little berserk (imagine that), and we had a steak dinner at Mom and Dad’s house (and HELEN ATE STEAK ! First time I’ve ever been able to get her to eat beef! Woowoo!), and then I went to a party at Steph’s house and laughed and laughed and laughed.

I hope 32 is as good as 31 was. 🙂


There’s a Red Cross shelter behind our house, across the ditch and at the Lutheran church. I called them today to see what they need.

Martha sent me some money and I added to it so I could go to the store and get them things.

I got:
2 big boxes of diapers
1 big box of wipes
9 boxes of Kleenex
4 boxes of maxipads (misc types)
1 box of pantiliners
4 boxes of tampons (misc sizes)

Didn’t get Advil or Tylenol; I’ll do that next time, I guess. Or encourage other people to do that. Not sure how the Red Cross would feel about people bringing in medication, though.

Helen helped me carry it in. Two women (about my age and socio-economic level, I’m guessing) from Slidell just cried as people brought stuff in. There was a HUGE pile of things in the back corner, and that’s where Helen and I put it all. Helen helped carry diapers and understood without being told to put the diapers with the other diapers and to put the kleenex with the other kleenex. The two women just kept saying, “You people are just amazing. You are saving us so much money. Thank you. Thank you so much.”

Another woman was right inside the door when I got there, with a baby about Alice’s age. She said, “Oh! Just my baby’s size!” when I came in with a big box of Size 4 Huggies. So I introduced myself, told her I lived across the ditch, and gave her my card. Said that I have a 13-month-old and we’d love to play if she needs a break. She said she’d probably take me up on that. Her name is Keoki or Keoka, and she’s from New Orleans, and her home was “flooded pretty bad.” She evacuated as soon as they told her to, and brought all four of her kids with her.

It was hard to tear Helen away, but she was quickly running out of steam and about to crash, even though she insisted she wanted to play with the other kids there.

Back in the car, I sobbed. And called Martha so she’d get the full report while I was still overwhelmed by it. It was an incredible experience, and something I definitely want to do again and again.


Then I came home and hugged my Jerry and hugged my Alice and said a prayer of thanks that we are so blessed.


There was MUCH laughing at lunch today — it was so much fun to see Sarah and Megan and celebrate our day together (a day early, but hey)… There was much laughing, and much fretting over Katrina. We talked about Katrina lots, and how much Megan’s dad is missed and needs to COME BACK TO HUNTSVILLE ASAP, etc. Our conversation was all over the place, and we fell together like old friends. It was a joy, and I hope we can repeat it more than just once a year.

I had a delicious lunch (Chicken Masaman with Avocados) that I haven’t been able to have since I’ve been nursing, because it has cashews and peanuts in it. And coconut soup. And creme brulee. I love that now that I’m not nursing anymore I can eat and drink whatever I want and not worry about how it’s going to affect anyone other than me. For 4 years I have been eating with someone ELSE’s comfort in mind.

Today’s lunch was for ME. And I savored every bite of it.

And now for the two requisite inside jokes, that generated that absolute most laughter for the day:
“Check, please!”
“I went to Decatur last night.”

You women are damn funny, and I’m proud to know you, and especially proud to share my birthday with you (since I had it first, it’s MINE. hahaha)…

Go Team Veggie!

Helen likes broccoli. This week, anyway. She has never liked it before, but last week her cousin Lauren was eating it so I blanched some florets for her (so they’d be easier to chew — with my jaw issues, I pretty much always blanch it), provided Ranch dressing, and now she asks for it at pretty much every meal.

Yay! This means she’ll now eat broccoli, corn, and frozen peas! And raw spinach leaves slathered in Ranch dressing. And radishes. And black olives. Kind of an odd vegetable repertoire, really.

(Alice, on the other hand, has only one food that I have found that she does not like: bananas. Everything else is DEEEEEEELICIOUS.)