I’m back.

The IV and the medications I have been on since Thursday have brought my taste buds to a new level of awareness, and I’m not enjoying it at ALL.

While in the hospital, I was on a clear liquid diet, which meant that they brought me jello, fruit juice, and either coffee or hot broth (chicken or beef) with iced tea.

I ate one little cup of jello, and after that, I had a backlog of little jello cups on the side table. They kept leaving them with me in case I got hungry. But they were just tooooooo sweet. Toooooo plastic. Toooo something.

After Friday, I couldn’t even choke the broth down — it tasted like straight salt to me. Jerry said it just tasted like regular broth to him, but I just couldn’t do it.

Today, Jerry brought me a couple JellO Jigglers that he made this afternoon, peach flavor — which I really like a lot. It’s the flavor I ate an entire pan of in one day last week while preparing for this surgery. Gak! So sweet! Ugh. Ate them, but ick.

And then I had plain white rice with probably a tablespoon of spaghetti sauce mixed in to give it flavor. That was good, but now all I can taste is garlic.

And now I gotta figure out how to down some mineral oil without gagging on it. As I said in a text to Nancy over the weekend, “Mineral oil disguised in apple juice is still foul.”

… Yesterday was one of the most miserable days of my life, physically speaking. I’m hoping that was the final descent and now we’re on the upswing. Today has been better. I hope that continues.

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