In the car yesterday as we were coming back from the grocery store, Helen observed, “Mommy! That car doesn’t have a ROOF on it!”

Helen is three. Her sentence structure is pretty amazing, I think.

Another conversation from last night: “Daddy, the pizza monster was trying to eat the children. There were THREE children: Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen.” (She had been a little spooked by an episode of “Jimmy Neutron” on Saturday afternoon while we waited for Jerry to get home).

I love that she speaks so well. I’d love to also think that it was our doing, that by speaking to her as if she could understand every word we say, we have taught her to enunciate and speak very well for her age. However, I think it’s more realistic that she’s just wired to be extremely verbal, whereas Alice is wired to climb to the highest point in a room and then cry because she can’t figure out how to get down.

4 thoughts on “Three”

  1. What amazed me was that Helen started that sentence with “You know.” As in, “You know, Daddy, the pizza monster…” So she’s not only picked up useful words and sentence structure, but also the linguistic trash and connectors we all use. Neat.

  2. Maddy used to mimic my speech patterns, to the amazement of all around her. She was the first grandchild and/or niece on my side and much revered! This was how she spoke at age 2-3ish:

    “Well, mommy, actually, I want a banana instead of an apple!”

    Reading it now, it doesn’t seem so spectacular, huh?

  3. Now, this one, I can take part in.

    I spent a lot of time around Connor during his formative years. And honestly, when he turned 3.5 years, I was worried because his sentence structure was NOT what I had anticipated it would be. In fact, it was nonexsitent.

    Then, I missed (must’ve only been) two weeks of Connor time. He came back and was speaking complete sentences. I will NEVER forget that feeling.. it was really amazing.

  4. When she was barely 2, Kaitlyn told me, in great detail about the time that she died. NO! Not THIS Daddy (you MORON!). With the OTHER Daddy. (duh!)

    Sometimes speaking to simpletons like PARENTS is just SUCH the strain on one’s patience.

    Emma was nearly 3.5 before she said anything more than “fire”. Seriously. She used sign language (of her own invention)… While she was stacking a chair on top of the (curved lid) toy box so she could reach the top of the entertainment center. Then she decided to talk. No Emma-isms cause she never TRIED to talk…just did.

    Cracked us up… she still does….

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