Chain Reaction

I’ve been up pretty much since 3am.

It started with Logic snouting me, which usually means that he needs to go out. So we went out. He peed on a tree, and that’s all. I was ready to kill him, but we walked around to the back of the house and I thought maybe it was the venue preventing him from performing, but no. He peed on a few more trees, and we came back inside.

The commotion apparently woke Helen, who was in our room at about 3:30. I took her back downstairs and changed her into a dry diaper, putting a towel over the damp spot on her sheets, and invited the dogs into her room for the remainder of the night (she likes that).

Then I went back upstairs and TRIED to go back to sleep. Of course, I couldn’t. I obsessed about my surgery on Thursday. New thing to fret about and tell the anesthesiologist… When they intubate a patient, they pull the bottom jaw outwards to open the airway. I have had TMJ surgery, and doing this could be damaging. So I laid there and obsessed about that for a long time. I’m sure it will be fine. I’m sure I’ll be drugged so I don’t care, and drugged afterwards so that any pain and swelling in my joints from the intubation process will not be problematic. But it doesn’t mean I can’t lie around and obsess in the meantime.

Finally got back to sleep around 5:15, I’d guess, and Helen was in our room again at 6. At 6:20 I just got up.

I wish that child weren’t such a light sleeper. It’s annoying. She always has been, though. Even as an infant. Even as a FETUS.

2 thoughts on “Chain Reaction”

  1. Three words for you — WHITE NOISE MACHINES.
    My whole family is addicted to them. It can’t be healthy, but all I care about is a good night’s sleep.

  2. Maybe we should get one of these. You’re definitely not the first one to suggest it with respect to this kid. *sigh*

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