I forgot to eat dinner last night. Twice.

Megan and I were walking the two doors down to water aerobics, and I said, “Oh. I forgot to eat dinner. Do you ever do that?” She does, apparently. She’s one of the few people I could ask that question who would look at me like I had sprouted a third eye or something. She said, taking the words straight out of my brain, “Yeah, I just get busy doing other stuff sometimes and don’t even think about it. Never on purpose, though.”

So, we came back from water aerobics, had a glass of wine with Jerry (I LOVE that we can have wine with All Grown Up Megan now. That just rocks.), ate a few chocolate chip cookies, laughed a LOT, and then kicked her out at 10:30. 🙂 I kid. She has class today, so it was a mutual decision — not just because we’re old farts.

And then I frittered on the computer (since wine means I can’t quilt — too dangerous. Don’t wanna sew through a finger, thanks) until bedtime. In the kitchen. With food all around me. Went to bed.

Had been there about 10 minutes, talking with Jerry and decompressing from our days, and I said, “Damn. I forgot to eat dinner AGAIN. I was going to eat after aerobics.”
“You wanna go down there and have a snack?”
“Nah. Too much trouble.”

The weird thing? I didn’t wake up ravenous this morning. I’ve had breakfast since I know I should (waffles). But not because my head hurt from the sugar crash or anything.


7 thoughts on “Forgot”

  1. Yea. I forgot to have dinner last night too. Ate too much at lunch. Had Parent Orientation last night during prime dinner time.

    Just never got hungry to think “hey, dinner…I should look into that.” Caught shit for it too…. Shoulda gotten hungry I suppose…. Gotta work on that. God knows I need to eat more. That would be “The God That Hates Me and Wants Me To Be Fat”. This would be the dominant diety in my life. Apparently.

    I still haven’t had breakfast….not ravenous, but I am thinking “prolly should eat”. Especially considering I took useless medication for my back since useful medication for my back would make me loopy.

  2. No, you’re not old farts. WE are old farts. The 24 year old that went to bed last night at EIGHT THIRTY.. next to the 33 year old who wanted to go to bed at SEVEN FIFTY.

    I’m not gonna let that go just yet. 🙂 AND you guys had wine! All around better evening!

  3. I eat. Constantly. I eat 5-6 times a day,and I’m telling you all! It boosts your metabolism.

    I could NOT forget to eat. I would be RAVENOUS and MEAN immediately. I even wake up and eat during the night MOST nights.

    **oink oink**

  4. I never forget dinner. That’s because I so often forget LUNCH, that by the time dinnertime rolls around, I’m ready to kill and eat my children.

  5. Ok…. when I’m home with nothing better to do, I eat constantly. When I’m working and DO have something better to do… I forget to eat.

    Neither makes a whit of difference in my weight. The only thing that DOES?

    stoopid exercise

  6. Yah, Sue. Skipping meals (which I don’t do on purpose…I just get busy and forget to be hungry) always backfires on me, ‘cuz I end up eating too much when I DO get around to it.

    And I should wash Nancy’s mouth out with soap.

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