A Little More

Today, I told RaRa and Jerry that Helen was a Drama Queen.

Jerry said that she CAN’T be the Drama Queen, because “the old Queen isn’t dead yet.”


Every day, I hate him just a little more. 🙂 … (not really — he does have a point… And it was DAMN funny the way he said it… RaRa and I burst out laughing and doubled over. So okeydokeythen.)

So I guess Helen is a Drama PRINCESS. I hope she can accept the demotion.

4 thoughts on “A Little More”

  1. It was beautiful moment that I will be FOREVER greatful to be a part of…
    Jerry is sometimes funny..he is a keeper

  2. heh, heh, heh!!! Some days I wish I was a fly on the wall at your house!

    Maybe I should see if there are two-fer fares from Sac to H-ville…see how funny all of yoose are when you have a live audience!

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