Helen likes to languish on the sofa when she doesn’t want to go somewhere and plaintively say, “Mommy, I have a FEEBER.”

“Helen, you do not have a fever.”

“I DO! I have a FEEBER. Take my tempiture.”

Yesterday afternoon, Alice felt hot to me. So I took her temperature, and she had a fever of 100.6. Ah.

And she still has it today. She’s very whiny and obnoxious, and poor Brandi (my niece), had to deal with a MELTDOWN while I was tutoring this morning, since I didn’t take Miss Alice to playschool today. 🙁

Teething and a sinus infection. Fun fun fun. Poor little thing.

8 thoughts on “Feeber”

  1. I love that you have an overly dramatic daughter. It tickles me.

    I’m sorry lil Alice is not feeling well. Give her a frozen Eggo and some Tylenol.

  2. No… definitely not just you… although I throw in some Brandy and some Creme de Cacao…and you have my favorite drink of all time! Anyone name it?

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