I just think this is cool: I picked Helen up from preschool today and looked around. Two of her teachers are of the B’hai faith (did I spell that right?) — I know this because there’s a newspaper article about one of them up on the wall. Another of her teachers was wearing a spectacular pink and orange sari today.

The kids in there are not monochrome, and this makes me very happy.

6 thoughts on “Multicultural”

  1. I think the sari is not necessarily related to B’hai. She may just be the sari sort…..

    Kaitlyn had a preschool teacher who was (prolly still is) Muslim. She never asked why she wore the headcovering…..

  2. The woman wearing the sari wasn’t one of the B’hai teachers. I hadn’t seen this one before. Helen can’t remember her name, either. 🙁 I hope she’s there on Wednesday so I can actually meet her.

  3. Oh, that’s really terrific news! I wish more kids had the opportunity to deal with different cultures. I will say that about the magnet program.. for all the naysayers, you meet such a diverse group of kids.

  4. I loved that about Elyse’s years at East Clinton.

    And Elaine I meant to tell you… Elyse has made a bunch of new friends from Jones Valley (where your kids will be zoned for.) They all seem like terrific kids. Not at all clique-ish like that other school I’ve mentioned…

  5. Oh Elaine, I have you so pegged. This is what you were REALLY thinking:
    “Hmmm, perhaps a sari-inspired quilt?”

  6. LOL, Anjali — what I was REALLY thinking was how completely inept I felt in my Tshirt and khaki shorts. She was stunning. 🙂

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