Garage Sales

You know, you can get really great things at garage sales. In 1995, I met this guy on a garage sale outing (we were introduced by a mutual friend. I’ll tell that story in more detail on October 7). In 1997 I married him. That’s the all-time best thing I’ve ever found at a garage sale, obviously.

This morning’s haul was pretty good, though.

I don’t typically frequent garage sales, but lately my mom and I have been walking really early in the mornings. This morning we walked by a garage sale down the street and around the corner from my house, and so we went in to browse.

For $35, I got one of these, WITH a top:
Train Table

For $15, I got a LOT more track and train segments and accessories than you see here:
City Train Set

For $1 I got a book that Helen saw and wanted:
Seek and Slide On The Farm
(She has the “In the Sea” book, and LOVES it. So this is a nice addition)

And for $40 I got a bunkbed similar to this one (but without a ladder):
Bunk Bed
The one I got has a darker stain on it, and is pretty scarred up from living with a little boy for the past few years. But I’m going to paint it to match Helen’s bedroom furniture anyway, so the appearance of it didn’t matter to me all that much. We’ll store stuffed animals on the top of it for a while, and then if the girls want to be in the same room sometimes when they’re a little older, they can be.

I am SO excited.

One thing I’m kind of looking for (but I’m too cheap to buy full price) is a heavy wooden chest of drawers for Alice’s room. The one we have in there right now is just drawers stacked on top of each other inside a wooden surrounding frame, so it’s pretty easy for her to pull down on top of herself when she pulls the drawers out. Which she does, on a regular basis. If any of my gentle readers (or their friends) have a chest of drawers that’s heavy wood that you hate (appearance of stain or paint job not important, since I’ll paint it anyway), please let me know.


6 thoughts on “Garage Sales”

  1. Sweeeeeet.

    Jerry’s boss came by today (with a Catholic Band of Collies) since we’re dog-sitting for the weekend, and he came in to look at the train set. He said that I probably had several hundred dollars’ worth of train sitting there.

    Hot damn.

  2. Ask my Dad if they have an extra dresser. I’m sort of addicted to…don’t think it’s in AL. I’ve been searching for a train set for Emma! Lucky girls!

  3. Mike is a HUGE train kid. He has lots of Thomas and Brio stuff. The table alone is up to $100 depending on which version you got.

    I’m jealous!

  4. I think it’s a Brio copycat, since the Brio logo doesn’t appear on anything. But I don’t care — it’s big and a good height and Helen and Jerry played for a LONG time tonight… She was up about 45 minutes past her bedtime, and SO excited about it.

    The bunkbed is in, also… We think it was a home-constructed kit for a bunkbed. It’s sturdy and I think it’ll be a good thing. We’ll try it for a while and see what Helen thinks of it, and if she likes it, I’ll paint it.

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