Sleep Week

When Helen was a baby, we noticed a pattern: One week, she would eat absolutely everything she could get her little grubby fingers on. HUGE amounts of food would go down her gullet, and she’d suddenly look very fat. We named this week Eat Week.

Then the next week, she’d sleep later in the mornings and take really long naps. After many meetings and much discussion, we named this week Sleep Week.

And then the next week, none of her clothes would fit and she wouldn’t look fat anymore. We’d move up a size (in shoes and clothes), and the world would return to normal.

Alice is following the same pattern, but not in as regimented a calendar schedule. We’re currently on Sleep Week. The Fat Baby has been sleeping now for over 2 hours, which is VERY long for a morning nap. She’s not been eating very much this week, and I noticed yesterday that some of her shoes are too small.

Hmph. Gotta get out the next batch of clothes from the archives… Alice is moving into the 18-months size more quickly than Helen did.

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