Swim Day

Helen’s playschool is having a Swim Day Party today (in a wading pool), to celebrate the end of summer for all the kids going off to preschool and kindergarten in the coming weeks. Helen is one of the kids that will be leaving, not because I’m unhappy with the playschool, but because we think she needs the routine that a preschool environment would give her. The looseness of the schedule where she is now quite obviously stresses her out, poor thing.

She will be going to a Montessori preschool, because we feel that the self-led aspect of their philosophy will be very good for her. I’ve spoken to pediatricians and several teachers that are good with her agegroup, and they all concur that she will probably do well and enjoy the new school.

When I took her there in February, just to let her run around and see what it was like, she had a BLAST. We were there for over an hour, and when I finally took her home, it was because it was lunchtime and I was going to have to nurse Alice (who was starting to get a little restless). I literally had to drag her out, kicking and screaming. And as we were strapping her into the carseat, she was yelling to the director of the school, “I’M COMING BACK AFTER NAP!”

That’s a very good sign, coming from timid little Helen. She was very stimulated there. I just hope she doesn’t completely freak out when we take her there and leave her on August 8.

Alice starts at the playschool this coming Monday, so she and Helen will overlap there for a week.

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