43 hours

Friday afternoon, I turned off my computer around 5pm. I put it UNDER the booster seat on a chair at the kitchen table, in a very inconvenient location. I then found other things to do this weekend.

I turned it on again to check emails today after lunch. Quite proud of myself.

My name is Elaine. [Hi, Elaine.] I am addicted to the Internet.

Not sure what limitations I am going to put on myself so that I can reclaim my life, but there will be some limitations. Stay tuned for exciting updates, which, ironically, will be posted on the Internet.

3 thoughts on “43 hours”

  1. My moment of truth came when I piddled down to B&N, paid $3.95 for two hours of internet service, and then just sat and refreshed all of our blogs. Bryan called and asked where I was and I teared up.

    One day at a time.. 🙂

    Oh, crap, I’m blogging as we speak, aren’t I?

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