Janitorial Duties

I think the biggest hazard to potty training is the child’s curiosity.

TWICE today, Helen has contorted herself so she could watch, and subsequently sprayed urine all over the bathroom. The first time, Alice was in there with her, and of course Alice slipped and crawled around in it. A sneaky way to assure a morning bath, if you ask me.

So I disinfected the damn bathroom and she just did it AGAIN. So I have disinfected again. Thankfully, Alice was in another room playing with toys, so at least I only had one kid to clean up.


4 thoughts on “Janitorial Duties”

  1. Ugh. This is why Mike hasn’t even STARTED using the potty. I can only imagine how messy a boy will be.

  2. Third time’s the charm. After playing at the pool for 90 minutes, I brought the girls home and stripped them down for quick rinse-offs before dinner. Alice, the second her little coochie hits air, must squat and pee. EVERY DAMN TIME.

    So. The bathroom floor was disinfected THREE times today.

  3. I posted recently about BOYS in- and post-potty training. Go read it and acknowledge how luckt you are to have girls. 😀

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