When Broadcast News came out, I was a young teenager and impressionable. I remember my dad renting it, and leaving the room at critical moments so he wouldn’t be embarrassed to watch certain scenes while I was there. It was an understood arrangement we had — if things got a little sensitive, I’d leave until the topic changed and it was safe for me to be in the room again.

I don’t remember the plot of the movie at all. I do remember that Holly Hunter was in it, and I remember one scene in particular, when she’s in a formal gown, clutching the walls or countertops or a desk or something, hyperventilating. And saying, “Over a GUY.” The context was that she knew she shouldn’t be making such a big deal about a MAN.

Every time after that when I’d find myself getting too worked up over a man, I’d think of that scene. And now, when I see friends and acquaintances getting too worked up over men, I think about it. And in several instances, it gave me the strength to leave situations that were bad for me. NO man is worth the stress that some women put themselves through — especially in the courting stage. If a man treats you like shit when you’re just dating, God forbid you should ever marry the jackass. Men are on their best behavior (as are women) when a relationship is young.

I’m not saying this because of anything going on in my own life, mind you. Jerry and I are doing very well, laughing a lot, talking a lot, and enjoying each other’s company.

But I have some friends that are backbiting and doing and saying horrible things to and about each other over a man. And he’s not stopping this, which makes me realize that this guy must truly be a piece of work — he’s enjoying the ego-stroking, obviously. And even without knowing the guy, I think I can say that with probably close to 100% accuracy. Men like — and are (in general) aroused by — catfights. Especially when the MAN is what the catfight is about. Who *wouldn’t* like to be fought over?

I doubt they’ll read this, and if they do, they probably won’t see themselves anyway. But NO man is worth destroying friendships (even very tenuous friendships) with women. Women are the ones you fall back on when your life starts to fall apart; women are the ones who will love you even when you make bad decisions; women are the ones who will go cry with you over a margarita.

Over a GUY?! Ladies, ladies, ladies. SO not worth it. Find men who will be nice to you. They’re out there; I swear it. It’s not worth the emotional abuse to hang on to someone who drives you to be so mean to other people. Is it this GUY that you like? or is just that you want to WIN?

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  1. Hear! Hear! I’d bang my margarita glass on the table in salute… if I had a margarita glass at work… unfortunately, they frown on that…

  2. Why do I find it ironic that one of the most memorable lines in that movie (for me at least) is:


    Rent it. Watch it again.

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