Alice HATES getting her diaper changed. HATES it. Even in the hospital, at one day old, she’d fight it and scream her guts out. If Helen is asleep, I go to the other end of the house to change Alice’s diaper; it’s that loud.

Well, since Alice has become mobile, she’ll thrash around, swing her leg over, and try to crawl away. This isn’t a big problem if she’s just wet, but… well, you get the picture.

Jerry and I have been expressing frustration with Alice’s refusal to cooperate during diaper changes lately. Typically, I’ll hold up one leg with one hand and clean her up with the other hand. This leaves one leg free for her to swing and thrash around with. My hands are not big enough to hold both of her ankles, so I don’t do that. I think Jerry just holds one ankle, too.

Well, I tried a new trick this morning. Rather than hold her left ankle with my right hand (leaving her right leg free), I reached across her and held her RIGHT ankle with my right hand. HA! She tried to swing her left leg across and hit my arm! BWAAAAHAHAHAHA! Poor Alice was trapped in a situation where she couldn’t escape a diaper change until I was FINISHED.

I’m so smug; I’ve outsmarted a 10-month-old.

3 thoughts on “Thrasher”

  1. Mike still takes a pacifier. If he thrashes, I plug him. He’s almost 2. SIGH. Must. Destroy. Pacifier…

  2. Lucky for me, neither girl has ever wanted a pacifier. We tried at the beginning to get them to take it just to get them to SHUT. UP. but they wouldn’t.

    I’m glad now, but during colic season with Alice I was NOT happy that she wouldn’t take it.

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