Evidence of Disease

Okay, so I said I had a sickness. Here is proof:

Alice modeling a dress I made, Helen's dress in background

I finished these today. Complete with matching panties for Alice. The dress is a bit big on her because she’s 8 months old and I made a 12-months dress. Because I anticipate she’ll wear this most of the summer.

Helen wasn’t here today, so she’s not in her outfit. Which is just as well, because there’s no way I’d be able to get her OUT of the outfit if I put her in it. She’s kinda like that about handmade clothes. I think the cotton must feel good, because she seems to really like to wear them… Which of course just feeds my disease.

Proud of myself for actually finishing these relatively quickly. I cut them out last Tuesday night, and finished them this morning. Just over 5 days — not too shabby!

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