Allrightythen. I now realize that I need to make sure my images are sized down a bit more than that one was, in order to not disfigure my navigation stuff on the right. Duly noted.

…. Change of topic.

I was in Barnes & Noble tonight briefly, and I saw someone I haven’t seen in about 5 years. Took me a minute to figure out who he was — a creepy guy I used to work with. He kind of looked like Rick Moranis, and was (is?) WAAAY creepier than Rick Moranis has ever been. Once I figured this out, I made SURE not to make eye contact and I got outta there as fast as possible. Definitely wouldn’t want to be cornered into an awkward conversation about the last five years of my life with him. Ewww.

Evidence of Disease

Okay, so I said I had a sickness. Here is proof:

Alice modeling a dress I made, Helen's dress in background

I finished these today. Complete with matching panties for Alice. The dress is a bit big on her because she’s 8 months old and I made a 12-months dress. Because I anticipate she’ll wear this most of the summer.

Helen wasn’t here today, so she’s not in her outfit. Which is just as well, because there’s no way I’d be able to get her OUT of the outfit if I put her in it. She’s kinda like that about handmade clothes. I think the cotton must feel good, because she seems to really like to wear them… Which of course just feeds my disease.

Proud of myself for actually finishing these relatively quickly. I cut them out last Tuesday night, and finished them this morning. Just over 5 days — not too shabby!

Update: Ears

Alice’s ears are NOT still infected. We got the All Clear.

Her crabbiness is likely caused by teething. Oh, faaaaabulous.

So. We just dosed her with Motrin and will be praying for another sleepful evening like we had last night. It was blissful.

Time to call?

Is it time to call the carpet cleaner people when your kid gets filthy from crawling around on the carpet in the playroom?


I know it’s from all the red clay that the dogs track in on rainy days, but still. Alice’s pajamas are BROWN on the knees and feet.