Usually on Fridays, Jerry’s dad and his wife keep the girls in the morning while I run errands and do whatever. This week, I was planning on cleaning the midlevel of our house and getting ready for my scrapbooking workshop, but Wednesday night I received the news that they would be unavailable this week and next. WHAAAAT?! I have to actually CLEAN my HOUSE while the GIRLS are HERE?!??! Like NORMAL mothers do!?

Once I got over the initial shock, I decided to meet this challenge head on.

I’m so proud of myself, too — my kitchen is pretty clean, I vacuumed, mopped, and I’m almost all the way set up for my guests tonight. And it wasn’t that hard, especially since the vacuum doesn’t terrify Alice the way it terrified Helen (a year ago, I got her to use her little push-popper and vacuum with me, so now she uses that to conquer her fears every time — EVERY TIME — I vacuum). Alice crawls around and keeps an eye on it, but it’s clear she thinks it’s pretty neat… She doesn’t try to get away from it or anything.

Who knew? I CAN do this!!! Yay for MEEEEEE!

Sleep Deprivation

This is what happens when people who have known each other online for 6 years FINALLY get together. We don’t sleep. We stay up WAY too late giggling and talking about absolutely everything, and then we drag around during the day because we’re so exhausted.

But oh, my goodness, I am having a wonderful time. I’m so glad I was able to come. I just wish I had friends like this locally so I could see them more.


Tomorrow I head out to see my imaginary friends. There are 7 of us congregating, and I’ve met 4 of them before (well, 5, if you include me). We’ve been friends since 1999, posting on a scrapbooking message board… There are 10 of us in this little circle. There used to be eleven, but one of our beloved members died last August. Because of her, we’re jumping at the chance to get together now so we don’t one day regret missed opportunities. It should be lots of fun… The strangest thing, no doubt, will be to “hear” each other, when we’ve just been reading online messages for the past 6 years.

I’m sure there will be some fun conversations in the next week. I’m really looking forward to it.