Linus is COMPLETELY OBNOXIOUS when he wants something. Sometimes he wants more water, sometimes he wants food, sometimes he wants to go outside, sometimes he just wants attention, but his approach is always the same. He repeatedly PECKS you with his snout.

Peck peck.
Peck peck peck.


I usually say, “WHAT?!” out of exasperation, and then he’ll just turn around, satisfied that I’ve acknowledged his existence, and lie down. Makes me crazy.


Tomorrow I head out to see my imaginary friends. There are 7 of us congregating, and I’ve met 4 of them before (well, 5, if you include me). We’ve been friends since 1999, posting on a scrapbooking message board… There are 10 of us in this little circle. There used to be eleven, but one of our beloved members died last August. Because of her, we’re jumping at the chance to get together now so we don’t one day regret missed opportunities. It should be lots of fun… The strangest thing, no doubt, will be to “hear” each other, when we’ve just been reading online messages for the past 6 years.

I’m sure there will be some fun conversations in the next week. I’m really looking forward to it.